Our Custom Font Technology


Each circle marks a certain variation of that correlated letter. Notice that there’s at least 3 variations of each character

Custom Fonts

  Our patented software process allows us to translate a true type font with multiple variables for each character. Through this, no two pieces will be identical. The software automatically randomizes the connectors and character variations with each note, allowing for a unique custom message each time.

An example of our font software running through the endless random combinations of each variable character in our Rose font.

While this product may not produce the quality and response that the robot does with a real pen on paper, it still provides a personal touch to a mass audience. With its ability to be used on your in house machines (inkjet and/or laser printer), its easily integrated into your existing process. This product is perfect for any mail house that wants to get a step up on their competition. Contact us about getting this software in your business!