Custom Fonts

Our custom fonts allow the user to easily make his or her projects unique every time. With the ability to change: spacing (between words and letters), size, character variations, and angle of the writing, it’s almost impossible for two notes to look the same.

With an easy to use interface, our 2 program software process allows for a quick learning curve, while not hindering your ability to completely customize the notes.

Once you’ve completed the setup to your specifications, you’ll export it to an SD card which goes directly into the machine. Fill it with paper and let it run!


Part 1

The first piece of software is where you pull all the data together for the job. Here you will specify the: font, size, spacing, slant, and database. Your database specifically will be uploaded through an Excel spreadsheet. Here, you will specify your “variables” that will be put into your message (if needed). For example, if you are writing addresses on the envelopes, you’ll have the variables set up as follows:

“First Name” “Last Name”

“Address 1”

“Address 2”

“City”, “State” “Zip”

The software will then pull the corresponding information from each record according to Excel. This way, the machine will automatically scroll through each variable after each envelope is completed.

PArt 2

Once you’ve prepared job, you’ll transfer the data to the second piece of software. This program is made to translate all the job data into something the machine can read. Here, you’ll load all the records, and make sure they fit in the reach of the writing arm. You’ll adjust angle/orientation of writing, along with making any adjustments needed to outlier records (very long names that need to be moved to fit in the parameters).

Here’s an example of our software running through the variations of each character in our Rose font. Try to focus on one letter and see how it changes as we cycle through some versions.