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Listed here are our FAQ's. If you have any specific questions, please email

What do we do?

  • We sell and lease handwriting technology to individuals, small businesses, and even large corporations. Our customers range from 1 to 300+ machines in their facilities. Anyone that wants to produce handwritten mail with ease.

Should I lease or buy?

  • For customers that need less than 10 machines, purchasing is the available option. Leasing is built for companies producing large volumes of handwritten mail, usually selling the service. 

Is maintenance included?

  • Yes every machine sold comes with 1-year maintenance. After that year, you can renew on an annual contract. 

What's the order process like?

  • Once you purchase a machine through our web portal. Support and Logistics will reach out to you to confirm your purchase, confirm your shipping address, and send you a welcome packet with instructions and videos. The machine should arrive 2 weeks after your purchase date. 

Will the machine feed itself?

  • Yes this is an automatic feed machine. The elevator will load and continue to feed the machine until the stock runs out or the job finishes. 

How fast can the machine write?

  • The machine can write up to 110 envelopes an hour. There are many variables when it comes to speed: word count, font size and spacing, speed setting, and font style. That number was calculated by writing a standard 3-line address on an envelope.

What type of fonts do we use?

  • We utilize a font creation software that was made by us. Designed to replicate the uniquness of a true handwriting style. All fonts have 5-15 versions of each letter, those versions are then randomly placed on ever single piece written by the machine. Thus, no two mail pieces will look the same. 

Is the machine difficult to operate?

  • The new Uniprod machine was designed to eliminate the knowledge barrier or operating mail equipment. This machine was designed to allow anyone in an office environment to operate successfully. 

Do we offer returns?

  • No we do not offer any returns after a purchase. We do offer a buy-back program where the machine is shipped back to us for inspection, and then an offer is sent. The maximum amount we pay is $7,250.

How much can I expect to produce per month?

  • We give a standard benchmark of 5,000 "packages" per month per machine. A "package" is a handwritten envelope and handwritten insert. This is calculated with a standard amount of work hours during the week, this number can be increased easily. 

Do I need to babysit the machine while it runs?

  • NO! The machine can run without you present for quite a while. Once it runs out of paper or ends the job, theres an alert system that will notify you it needs attention. In our larger customers operations, 1 person runs 40 machines simultaneously. 

How much stock can the elevator hold?

  • The machine can hold 150 envelopes or 400 sheets of paper. Thus, allowing the machine to run for hours without your input. 

How is variable data uploaded?

  • You'll upload your data in the software we provide you. The data must be in excel or csv format. Once uploaded, you can create completely variable messages, a mix of variable and static, or all static. 

What type of pen can it hold?

  • It can hold any pen, marker, even a pencil! We've seen clients use all types of things to increase the response rates of their mailings.

How big is the machine?

  • The machine has a small footprint, under 3ft x 3ft. Fits on an office desk top. Weights 75lbs. Writes extremely quiet, allowing for normal office opperation to continue around it. 

Is shipping inluded?

  • Yes shipping is included in the purchase price. 

How long does it take to arrive?

  • 2 weeks

Do I have to assemble the machine?

  • The machine comes in two pieces. You will have to assemble the, but we provide videos, documentation, and complimentary zoom call if you run into any problems. 

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